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Basic Wedding Planner Course

The key features that distinguish a successful wedding planner – sought after and photographed by the tabloids, recommended among the circles of acquaintances and reference point for the married couple – are: problem solving and a deep knowledge of suppliers and customers.

Talent is a personal gift, but a preparation that includes all these tools can not be improvised. Anna Frascisco has developed a specific teaching methodology for the professional figure of Wedding Planner: the direct combination of theoretical and practical elements and learning through concrete cases make it possible to understand and enhance one’s ability to face and solve complex situations unforeseen, as well as learning to build a reliable supply of suppliers and partners.

Photo: Morlotti Studio

Photo: Morlotti Studio

Who is the course for?

The course provides the necessary foundation for a career start-up of Wedding Planner and is aimed at all those interested in pursuing a career in this field.

Certificate of attendance

At the end of the course a regular certificate of participation will be issued.

The course does not give the right to CFU (University Educational Credits).

The program

The course, held personally by Anna Frascisco, is theoretical. For detailed information on the program, download the pdf or contact our office via e-mail.



Total Cost

€800,00 (VAT included)

Deposit € 600,00 (VAT included) upon registration and balance € 200,00 (VAT included) on the first day of the course

Early Booking

€ 670,00 (VAT included)

Advance payment to be made by December 10, 2019

Better together

€ 500,00 (VAT included)

Rate per person for a multiple registration (two or more people together).

Photo: Morlotti Studio

Photo: Morlotti Studio

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